Staff Realizes Something Was Up After This Puppy Got Returned 11 Times

People would think that it is simple to adopt dogs. But in fact it’s a difficult procedure to adopt a dog if we look at the involved responsibility, especially if the adopted animal has some bad memories in the past. Nevertheless, it becomes clear that the most difficult animals to nurture are those which are most satisfying to own. No one knew why BENJI returns to the shelter repeatedly after the adoption procedure. By this point, it had occurred eleven times and only flimsy justifications made by his owners. When the new trainee takes him home, they finally release his problem completely.

He Was Returned Again



The breed of BENJI is ambiguous since he was a mixed breed. He was a cross between Labrador and Golden Retrievers with a dash of Asian Village Dog for good measure. During his stay was in the house, he was a really nice boy, however, it seems that he can’t stay with one home for a long period. When Stacy was in her way to the house, she was really affected by the accident. BENJI was sleeping in the back seat of the car. Because Stacy had been emphatic about her ability to assist that unfortunate puppy, she felt sorry because BENJI needed to be returned to the shelter for the twelfth time. But they understood the reason at least.

They Were Disappointed




It is unsuitable time for any reason when a dog has to be returned to the house. When a shelter’s requirements are eventually met and a dog is adopted, it is likely hard enough if the dog is later returned. And to believe that BENJI has already been returned twelve times… As Stacy had mad some arrangements in advance, during her arrival with BENJI, there were three other staff. They were clearly dissatisfied since the adoption had failed, but at the same time, they were quite curious as to why since now was their opportunity to finally listen to a correct explanation.

The Actual Reason

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In most cases, no justification is required for returning what have you adopted and this is the problem of adoption. In case you wish to give back the adopted puppy, you simply use your phone to call the adoption center and let them know about your issue. The center is required to take back the dog without inquiring about the circumstances. They were sure that Stacy would inform them the truth although BENJI had been returned to the shelter eleven times with different justifications. Though the fact that they were not ready to face the truth to be clear to them. This leads us ask the questions why BENJI was returned to the shelter 11 times? What could be done to help this depressed puppy and what was the problem?

One & A Half Year in the Shelter

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charlotte dog club

Although everything is highly planned for a dog to adapt to its environment when it stays at a shelter for a long time that does not necessarily mean it’s the right thing to do. It is often that a dog often has to share a cell with other dogs in a shelter, which minimizes the number of chances it has to socialize with them. At this stage, BENJI had been living in the animal shelter for almost one and a half year. In spite of not being a puppy anymore, yet it obviously looked like a puppy, everyone fell in love with it and wished to take it home while coming to the shelter for it.

Adopted a Lot


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The luck to find a new nice home is different from one dog to another; some of them are extremely successful in that than others. BENJI was very lucky in particular because of his small size and the endearing face. To adopt a puppy is easier and doesn’t take much time in compared to other animals, because, a puppy is a nice and cute animals. It is not true what people think that BENJI had spent nearly as much time in a shelter over that one and a half years. The problem is that BENJI’s adoptive parents kept returning him to his biological family. Otherwise, it would take just a week or two for someone to adopt him if he was really open for adoption there.

No Given Reason

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BENJI was just a three-week-old puppy when he was first brought into the shelter. A dog from his former family had given birth to five fit puppies with success. But they decided to maintain only four of them for some unknown and non-justified reasons. They sent BENJI to the animal shelter for donation. There were certain questions at the shelter at the time; therefore, they opt for having their on-call veterinarian thoroughly diagnose BENJI. The end results showed that there is nothing wrong with the small puppy. Hence, they just assumed unfortunately that the puppy should stay in the shelter.

What seemed to be a perfect family?


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There were some queries at the shelter, so they chose to have their on-call the doctor of animals to thoroughly examine BENJI. The shelter just assumed that the puppy got unfortunate and ended up here since the outcomes of all the testing showed that there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with him. It is his fate and destiny to engage the most ideal family possible. A young, new-married couple with a daughter of five years old, who is profoundly, misses a puppy. Someone was most of the times around there to tend to BENJI whenever he needed it because the mother worked from home as well. It became unbelievable to see BENJI again at the animal shelter.

Odd Reasons

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In reality, this would never occur at all. It was just three weeks that the new adopters of BENJI brought him back to the shelter. BENJI, who was very happy and full of enthusiasm, had followed the father when he arrived on his own. The men only presented an ambiguous justification for the reason why they were returning BENJI; it was with no doubts just an excuse. He had explicitly formed a commitment with the men and was ignorant that it would be the last time he would see them. Maybe because it had been going on for long time, but something about that wasn’t simply working out. It wasn’t completely logical given the information that the shelter had about the family.

It Wouldn’t Stop Happening


New owners return dog after one day to the shelter where he's spent half his life | CNN

At that particular moment, the shelter decided not to investigate too much. If the family of BENJI wouldn’t take care of him, he would have been living better with somebody else. And they weren’t skeptical that the small puppy would soon be owned by someone who would appreciate and respect him a lot. There wasn’t another interpretation for this except a strange accident, right? Something goes on making it happen. It is obvious that everything about this was absolutely habitual. The small puppy was adopted multiple times, but each time he was soon brought back to the shelter and then adopted repeatedly in less than two weeks.

It Doesn’t Make Sense

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No one among the shelter employees had an idea about what was going on. They hadn’t experienced an example of what happened before. The interpretations that are given about the repeated returning of the poor puppy are too weak and superficial. In addition to this, they were so different from one another that at least some of them had to be made up. There are many allegations about BENJI: Some of them alleged that BENJI had been extremely vital, on the other hand, others emphasized that he wouldn’t even leave his bed. Some also criticized BENJI because of being excessively enthusiastic. While others claimed that he had hostility against other dogs and that the other dogs were terrifying him. That is why he refused to go to the park.

Benji Was Hurt

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The shelter decided to make an offer again for BENJI’s adoption when it had no other options. Nevertheless, He couldn’t live long in the shelter. No one had a hope that this poor puppy would ever find a house where he could live the rest of his life considering the eleventh time that he was being returned. It was also clear that the poor puppy that made everyone in the shelter to correlate with him strongly was just beginning to suffer as a result of falling in a trap of this never-ending cycle of pain. What a tragedy! It was so clear for them that whenever he was returned to that situation, the glitter that previously shone in his eyes decreased suddenly.

A New Trainee Named Stacy


4 month old golden retriever

Source: Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko

All what BENJI was doing at this point was walking in one of the cage corners. Finally, the justification that was given by his eleventh adopter to the shelter about his return was legitimately accepted. They have the full right to think that it is clear that BENJI seemed pathetic all the time and didn’t trust him. All the staff at the shelter was anxious about the dog, the only thing they needed was to find a solution to this issue. Fortunately, the solution was found by Stacy, ‘’ the trainee’’ who had spent merely less than 2 weeks with them at work.

She Wants To Adopt Him

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She was in training while getting a diploma in veterinary medicine. During that time, all what she did at the homeless shelter was a voluntary work. She fell in love with BENJI for the first time she has seen him. The first she did was encountering BENJI the moment his most recent adopter gave him back. The employees who had been working at the shelter for a long time informed the veterinary all about BENJI and how funny and amusing he had been previously, although she had only observed him sink deeply in his depression.

Trying to convince the parents

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Stacy keeps supporting the dog despite all the thoughts. She reconsidered all the coward previous adopters who had abortively returned BENJI to the shelter. Stacy had a willing to keep the poor puppy healthy and live a nice life as he deserved. She unintentionally decided to keep the poor dog with her and she knew that she had to convince her parents first as she still live with them. She was surprised and pleased when they supported her in her decision, while she didn’t expect them to do so. In fact they were already approved and discussing the subject of buying a dog.

BENJI was a Piece of work


8 week old golden retriever

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Finally after she finished and organized all the necessary documents, Stacy was permitted to take with her BENJI home. BENJI was going through the same procedures for the 12th time at this time. While they were leading him out of his specific place, he seemed like if he didn’t care. He didn’t even look at her on their way home. Stacy knew in advance a lot of work should be done so as to convince the poor puppy to renew his trust and brings back the past happiness and cheerfulness. Stacy was certain that she could succeed in that, but she learned very soon that she was wrong.

Meeting the other dogs

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The Stacy’s family needed a way to keep BENJI among the other dogs because they had already bought plenty of them. Three of these dogs were walking around the building already. They couldn’t recognize what disturb them due to the smallest size of BENJI. Because of the strange of his behavior, they felt that there was something wrong.

The other dogs only wanted to play

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The other dogs in that family didn’t doubt their new partner much; they began to check their new colleague straight after they were let out from their room. They couldn’t wait till tomorrow and were sniffing him and even happily giving him a toy to play. As a result the BENJI’s behavior was slightly changing. One may wonder if he enjoyed being the center of attention.

Playing in the park



Source: / Istvan Csak

Thanks to the warm love and attention that BENJI found in the other home, he began to coexist with the other dogs and his strange behavior started changing and being cool. The new family made great efforts to provide BENJI (the good boy) with anything possible as they spent their days in new experiences. Such as visiting the park, went shopping and even made him a beautiful club steak. Stacy along with her family appreciated the time they had together with the small puppy. It was great emotion that everyone wishes it lasts forever.

A drastic turn

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It is thought by the family members that they would have a cool new change in the family as they had worked very hard to have the same vital and active puppy they had in just twenty-four hours. But for what reason BENJI is repeatedly being demanded? Do they still in need of learning something that is well-known by them? BENJI didn’t appear to have any problems adapting to the family activities as the next few days were relatively quiet. In spite of thanking everyone for the accomplishments and getting the whole details about shelter, Stacy paid attention to the obvious changing of things. None could clarify explicitly the vague reason why the small dog is suddenly vanished.

Looking for BENJI

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BENJI was disappeared one morning as the family woke up. Stacy felt very angry and accused the shelter staff of their carelessness because she checked the whole home looking for him but in vain. What was occurring? The small puppy either escaped or something else happened. Stacy took it as a secret and decided to take a rest time from work to search for the little dog. She felt stressful when she got no idea even from the neighbors about the small puppy. She couldn’t believe the strange disappearance of that small dog.

Putting up posters


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The whole morning was spent in searching for the little dog but nothing found. The family suggested another effective and logical way, which is to hand out the wanted posters. Simply crossing her fingers that no one from the shelter would see them, Stacy said. She had no intention to disappoint them regarding all what had happened. Despite the extent distribution of posters, BENJI wasn’t appeared even after two more days. Stacy decided to call after she had believed that telling the truth to the shelter is inevitable.

She had no clue

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Lastly the mobile phone rang. The caller didn’t seem to want to go on details about how things happened as he sounded really anxious. Suddenly, Stacy’s adrenaline started to pump through her veins and was about pass out. What was going on with BENJI? Stacy spent almost 1h to arrive the man’s home and she was feeling so anxious and troubled. Stacy was wondering how did BENJI manage to leave far from home and she was so curious to understand how things done and how BENJI succeed in escaping or who she has to face after that.

BENJI was caged

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The man who had founded the dog appeared extremely angry and he was already waiting for him at the front door with his arms crossed when Stacy got home. Stacy had felt a little bit afraid as she saw the man didn’t seem to be moving at all. While she was brought inside, BENJI appeared to her in a very depressed mood, what made Stacy more anxious is when she saw the small dog being chained in a cage. Stacy couldn’t cover her anger and even prepared to punish the man for imprisoning that poor puppy, nevertheless the man started to elaborate more on what had happened.

BENJI was well behaved


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The man saw that BENJI had arrived earlier that day. As he had seen no poster, he started looking for the dog’s owner. He was going to call the animal shelter when he couldn’t find BENJI because BENJI was still sporting a collar with their phone number on it. At that moment, he was just wandering with the dog around the house thinking that he was dealing with a kind-hearted puppy. Suddenly, his cat appeared to investigate what was happening. Stacy had already been suspicious to what BENJI might have been preparing to do in regards to this.

Calling the shelter

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BENJI at that time seized the opportunity when the man’s cat went out for investigation to attack it without pity. BENJI was about to harm the cat if the man didn’t interfere and intervened at the right time to stop him and allow the cat to run away. To ensure the safety of both the cat and dog, the man suggested immediately putting the dog his cat cage. After that, he called the emergency staff and informed them about all what had happened. The shelter eventually guided him to contact Stacy after describing the puppy, so that she could pick him up, which is what actually happened. Thanks God, nothing wrong happened to BENJI.

Talking to previous owners


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When Stacy checked her mobile, she found some missed calls. For defending herself and the position of the shelter, she apologized warmly to the man and took BENJI home. She would learn after her arrival that the other members in shelter had already called approximately all the former adopters of BENJI for the purpose of figuring out if any of them had experienced the same incident with the small dog. Consequently, they were enlightened by them with more thoughts about the dog.

The right decision



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Finally the mystery about the small dog was disclosed when every prior adopter they had called provided the reason why they kept sending the small dog back and how aggressive BENJI was towards the other animals. The staff members finally had an obvious image of BENJI. That clarified a bunch of things. Why exactly that way of behavior toward other animals? They were afraid of finding the small puppy killed if they expose that secret. Therefore, they lied about that instead. As a result, they made up the truth that they took the small dog back because they couldn’t bear anymore his violent attitude under their care.

Brought back to the shelter

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One may think that the small dog normally should be locked up as a punishment for all what he had done. However, Stacy and the other members got more knowledge, so they had a different opinion that is beneficial for the dog. They already had taken into consideration the importance and necessity of helping BENJI. They set a program for BENJI to stay at the shelter for a few weeks, during that period; he was required to work with the staff members to coexist gently with other animals and gain trust more with cats by bringing them together in a secured setting. They were persistent in trying to let BENJI work with the animal shelter.

Finally finding a home

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The ongoing challenging procedures had changed BENJ’s attitude towards the cats, so he made a profit of being returned to the patronage of Stacy and her family. They were so cheerful to have the only puppy they had always desired and loved. They lovely made BENGI take a shower. From that moment on, BENJI has become a member of the family as Stacy always considered him to be and they had no more problems with him at all. Finally, BENJI had found his lasting habitation that would always serve him. Therefore, he didn’t need any institutions of breeding dogs anymore since he had already achieved everything.

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