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Bobcats are small cats that belong to North America. They live in wooded areas and deciduous forests from western to southeastern America and Mexico. Some have even occupied parts of southern Canada. They have a little body structure. Their coat is yellow-brown or red-brown with black or dark brown stripes. They have remarkably long ears with black tips. It weighs from twenty-four to thirty-five kilos.

Owners associate their pet bobcata with a tabby cat, but their needs are far from those of pets. They need special care and special attention. Like the Servels, they also have a habit of squirting. They are also extremely hyperactive and aggressive in nature. They should be purchased in most outdoor places where they have plenty of space to play, as well as outdoors. If they can’t get enough space outside, they will run to destroy things inside the house. Some owners are very happy with their pets, but it is recommended that potential owners do their homework before deciding.

Their diet should not be the same as other pets. Because they are exotic pets and come from the wild, they have different nutritional needs to stay healthy. At one time they ate a whole chicken, which had to be served with empty feathers. They also get a freshly killed squirrel, beef and meat. They don’t eat much during the summer, but they get it back during the winter. They also need special medicines and fax doses. The usual dose of sedatives given to other pets during felling can kill them. It would be better for their health if they had nails, or if the owner decided to scratch them, then only the first nails would have to be removed. Their dogs should never be removed. Otherwise, the owner must cut the food into small pieces so that they can feed them, because without the cat they cannot eat the whole chicken.

In addition to playing time, they can be accommodated in a house with two cages fourteen feet long and twenty-four feet wide and connected by a six-foot sidewalk. The key in which they are to be kept must be raised, they must have platforms, toys to seize them. Some are very nice and like to lick the face of their owner, but they recreate a tongue that looks like sandpaper. The owner even sleeps with her owners, but the owner has to live with their loud moaning. They also get up early at five in the morning and start playing, which means they start playing in bed. They played well and put all their energy into it. Bobcats also like water and they especially like it when it rains. If there are ponds, there is a good chance that the whole house will break up. Apart from lowering the toilet seat, there should also be no container full of water unattended. If they are wandering around the house, it is not a good idea to wash the plate or mop the floor. Bobcats are good with people they know, they are very scared when visitors come. At such times, it is better to put them in a cage. They can be motionless; they hid and remained frightened until the stranger left their territory. And when the guests leave, they go out and sniff everywhere until they are satisfied.

The owners cannot go on long holidays or even partying on weekends when they leave the animals alone at home. When appointing a nanny, it should be borne in mind that this is not a stranger, but a friend who is familiar with pets. As soon as owners become aware that they have more responsibility than they ask for, they start thinking about giving the pet away by releasing it into the wild, which is extremely dangerous, or passing it on to others. In the second case, it is very difficult for cats to trust and communicate with their new owner. Some states in the United States and even other countries prohibit keeping bobcata as a pet.