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Domain name suggestions – 5 free tools to help you pick the best domain name for your online business

Chosing a domain name for your online business can be a daunting process. Main stream and short domain names in .com are likely already taken. There are companies out there that have built impressive portfolios of keyword based domain names purchased over the time to resell at premium price.

Fortunately the tool(s) in this article should help you find that domain name for your business or keyword that no one has thought of. I’ve used them myself and have been able to find domain names in .com that I consider gems for my targeted keywords or niches. I am confident you will find your gems too.

General guideline in selecting a domain name

When picking a domain name for your online business you’d want to consider these criteria and aspects:

Contain your main keyword (i.e. your primary business or niche). For example if your keyword is “outdoor furniture” you will want your domain name to have that keyword in it. The keyword can sit at the beginning of the domain name of at the end depending on what’s still available

  1. Preferrably no number. The issue with domain names such as is that if you tell your website over the phone for example people might not know whether they have to type in 123 (numerical) or onetwothree (spelt out)
  2. If .com is not available then second best option is .net followed by .org
  3. No ‘-’ (dash). It makes harder for you to tell the address of your site and for your audience to remember it if it’s rather than
  4. Add a suffix or prefix if the domain matching your keyword is no longer available. For example you could add a suffix ‘online’ to make
  5. Shorter is better from a branding perspective. People tend to remember without much effort a domain name if it’s sweet and short.

Please note. Like every rule these guidelines can also have exceptions. You might want to chose a domain name that has nothing to do with your primary keyword and use it as your brand. There is no issues with that. The flip side is that it would likely take more time, work and budget to rank for the primary keyword related to your business.

Tools for domain name suggestion

1. Instant Domain Search

The first tool of the list is actually not a domain name suggestion tool as such.

I have however included it here in case you already have an idea of what you want your domain name to be but just want to check if it’s still available in .com, .net or .org

instant domain search to check domain name availability

It’s easy to check a domain name availability with This tool returns the result in real time as you type

2. Bust a name

Nice tool. You enter keyword (or word) in the Word Combiner. The tool will make combinations of your keywords in the list underneath and tell you if any of those combinations are still available as domain names.

If your domain name is comprised of 3 keywords and a combination of them is still available then you’re done. If no combinations are available then this tool doesn’t suggest words to be used as suffixes or prefixes for you.

3. Psychic Whois

You start to type in a domain name and the tool will list available domain names for you to review.

Personally I found this tool a bit tricky to use and it was not working everytime for me. But you might be luckier with it. By all means give it a try.

4. Nameboy

Domain name suggestion tool called

Nameboy is a nice and fun tool to use to generate domain names

One of the tools I used often to generate ideas for domain names. The little problem I found with this tool though is that on some occasions it listed a domain as available. Yet when checking with Namecheap (the registrar I use to register domain names) it turned out the name was already taken.

5. Name Tumbler

domain name suggestion tool is easy to use tool yet powerful in generating hundreds of domain names that are still available and based on your keywords!

Definitely the domain name suggestion tool I find the most helpful when you want to look for available domain names based on particular keywords.

The domain name of this website you are browsing was selected from hundreds of available domain names suggested by I would never have found this domain name had I not used this fantastic tool.