Health and Fitness Goals

Are You as Fit as You Want to Be?

There is no prize for being the richest man or woman in the cemetery! But in our society, health and fitness goals sometimes take a back seat to our career and money goals.
How much value do you put on your health and fitness levels? Do you think about being in shape? Do you feel that good health is a key ingredient to being happy? Are you secure with your level of fitness and health?

If you don’t like your answrs to these questions, you must change your lifestyle! There is a direct relationship between well-being and health. If your body is strong, your attitude will be, too. If your nutrition is high in value, your alertness will increase. And if your stamina is increased, so will your ability to accomplish more of your goals. Nice little circle.

How can you Achieve this Plan?

By making some changes in your day to day life. At first it might be a little tough, but once you have gotten into the habit of eating nutritious foods and exercising on a regular basis, you will find that your entire lifestyle will start to work around your new healthy living habits, instead of the other way around.
Having good health is taken for granted by many men and women. The ironic thing is that a lot of these people don’t even consider cleaning up their lifestyle until a disease or illness has put them into the position where they must change for the better.

So How do You Determine Your Goals

For Better Health and Fitness?

In order to set specific goals for the levels of health and fitness that you desire, you must create a full analysis of your current lifestyle habits in regards to sleep, diet, exercise regimen, and body measurements. You can determine exactly where you stand by filling in some of this basic information.
1. Determine your weight to height ratio, as well as your waist size. Now how much would you like to weigh? What waist size would you like to have? Be realistic, and write it down!

2. Estimate how many hours of sleep per night you are getting. Do you still wake up tired and feel lethargic during the day? How much energy would you prefer to have? Write it down.

3. Do you exercise each week? How often? Now how would you change that if you had all of the energy in the world? Put it on paper.

4. How often do you eat and how much in one sitting? Do you eat mostly junk food and fast food or do you eat lean meats, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables ? What would you like to change about your eating habits? Write it down.

5) Do you drink enough good water? How can you remind yourself to do this? Are you writing yet?

6) Do you smoke or drink alcohol? How much, how often? Are you willing to quit– or at least taper off?

Now you have a basic outline of what your health and fitness levels are and how you would like to change them. These are your Health and Fitness Goals.

Congratulations! You are on your way to peak health.