How To Find Available Exact Match Domain Names


Looking for available domain names

Having a domain name that is an exact match of your primary keyword can help your website rank higher in search engines for that keyword.

In my experience those of my websites that have exact match domain names have consistently ranked quicker and higher in search engines.

This morning after dropping the kids at school I was listening, in the car, to episode #52 of Dan and Ian’s excellent podcast series from The Lifestyle Business Podcast. Towards the end of the episode, in the tips section, a method to find available exact match domain names was mentioned.

The method described sounded straightforward so I decided to give it a try when I got home. Essentially it has 4 steps:

  1. Use Google Keyword Tool to find search terms matching you primary keyword
  2. Rank these search terms by search volumes and export to a CSV file
  3. Open the file in Excel and manipulate the keywords to make a list of domain names composed of
  4. Use a service at to check for availability of candidate domains fabricated in step 3

While this method works fine I found a couple of difficulties and limitations:

  • You need to know how to create domain name candidates from a search terms in a column in Excel. It would require a bit of advanced Excel tricks (which I have forgotten how to do)
  • If you want to check for .net and .org you need to generate two additional lists of those domain names
  • The multiple domain search tool at is limited to 50 domains for each search

An alternative

To make life easier I’d like to share with you my method of finding available exact match domain names for your online business.

Tools required: a browser, Internet, Excel (or equivalent free Open Office).

1. Just google “Google Keyword Tool” and click on the fist result to go there

2. In Word of phrase enter your primary keyword

3. In Match Types check [Exact] and uncheck Broad. The results contains the number of searches that contain exactly your keyword.

4. Click on Global Monthly Searches to sort results from highest search volumes. If you want to target a local market then use column Local Monthly Search instead

5. Be default the tool shows 50 rows per page. If you want more then click on 100 next to Show rows at the bottom of the list

6. Click on Keyword to select your list of keywords

7. Click on Download then pick ‘Selected’. In this example I have selected the 100 keywords with highest volumes. On the pop-up screen leave “CSV for Excel” and click on Download.

8. When a pop-up screen appears select to open your file in Excel. You will notice that column A contains your 100 keywords. Because it’s an exact match the keywords are surrounded by the square brackets “[“ and “]”

9. To strip these square brackets all you have to do is: a) select column A, b) CTRL+H for Search and Replace, c) put in [ in “Find what” and click Replace All to get rid of the left bracket. Start the same process over and put in the right bracket ].

10. Now your column A should look like the below, keywords are without brackets

12. In Excel copy the cells containing the keywords

13. Go to and select Bulk Domain Name Registration

14. Paste your list of keywords and check the domain extensions you are interested in. Ideally for SEO the order would be .com, .net then .org. Click on Go and Godaddy will let you know in no time which domain names are taken and which ones are still available

15. The first list contains unavailable domain names

Fortunately the second list contains domain names that are exact match of your keywords (or those suggested by Google Keyword Tool related to your primary keyword and have search volumes) and still available. Yes!

If the list contains a name that pleases you go ahead and register it before someone else does.

Note: for niches that are extremely competitive you will find that short and/or sweet domain names are already taken. In that what you can do is add a modifier to your keyword and see if the new domain names are available. Read more about domain name suggestions if you are in this situation.

16. Register your domain names

For cheap domain names I strongly recommend you register your domain name at

I register most of my .com, .net, .org domain names at and have been happy with their services. What I also like about is they offer a free WhoIs Anonymous service for the first year. That means your privacy is protected. After the first year renewal is cheap, under $3 per annum. You can also google for Namecheap coupons and save $0.88 per registration. Go to

If you are registering a domain name for your business and don’t have a hosting plan yet I would recommend to register for a hosting plan at With your new hosting plan you can register a free domain name.

Final words

Having an exact match domain name can detinitely help your site rank better for the targeted keyword. I hope you found this article helpful and you were able to grab a nice and sweet domain name for your online business.

Any feedback or questions please feel free to post in the comment section and I will reply shortly.