Review of the Healing Diet Program

Looking at this acid/alkaline balanced diet makes just so much sense; in fact it is very exciting. No wonder it is becoming so popular. It is more than a diet, it is a way of life. It is for those who choose health over degeneration and chronic fatigue.

The acid/alkaline balanced diet is not new or untried; it is first recorded in 1933 by Dr.W.H. Hay in a book called A New Health Era.

In it he maintained that all disease is caused by auto-toxication (self poisoning) due to acid accumulation in the body. He also says that we depart from health in the proportion to which we have allowed the introduction of acid-forming foods in too great an amount.

In more resent times, research has confirmed and expanded Dr. Hay’s statement.

This way of eating is healing. It is healing because it co-operates with the slightly alkaline requirements of much of the bodies inner cells and tissue fluids for maintaining optimum health. Some organs and their fluids differ for example, stomach fluids are very acid for the purpose of digestion.

The majority of people, especially those who eat a Western style of diet have consumed so much of the acid forming foods that it has overwhelmed their bodies natural detoxifying system: as a result, the excess acid is stored in the cells and tissue fluids causing a toxic acid buildup.

Some of the more General Signs of Over Acidity

Lack of energy often with constant fatigue. Tires easily and does not recover quickly after physical or mental effort. Limbs feel heavy. Feeling an inability to cope. Sudden tiredness after eating acid foods. Frequently feels cold, when others don’t. Inner chills. Low body temperature.

More specific symptoms would be – lack of enthusiasm, depressive tendencies. Highly irritable. Easily startled by high-pitched noises. Easily stressed and difficulty in dealing with it.

Often pale faced. Headaches. Eyes tear easily and are sensitive to cold and smoke.
Acid saliva. Mouth ulcers. Cracks in the corners of mouth. Throat infections. Sensitive teeth. Dental cavities.

Stomach and intestinal pains. Acid regurgitation. Tendency to diarrhea.

Burning and irritation in the bladder and urethra. Excessive urination due to irritation. Kidney stones.

Extreme sensitivity of respiratory tract to cold. Frequent colds and bronchitis. Sinusitis. Allergic tendencies. Cough caused by irritation.

Skin tends to be dry. Red and irritated skin in high sweat areas. Skin splits around nails. Fungal diseases. Itches. Pimples. Eczema. Nails thin and break easily. White spots in the nails. Hair looks dull and falls out easily. Split hair ends.

Leg cramps and spasms. Stiff neck and a feeling of aching all over. Muscles in the neck and shoulders tend to be hard and painful.

Osteoporosis. Fractures of bones, slow to heal. Joints crack. Rhumatism. Arthritis. Sciatica. Slipped vertebrae. Herniated disks. Inflammation and hardening of ligaments. Tendinitis. Gout.

Poor circulation. Tendency to have cold feet. Chilblains. Tendency to suffer from anemia. Insomnia. Tennis elbow.

Weight gain or unable to lose weight and keep it off.
High Blood Cholesterol.

The good news is – although it may take some time to eliminate all of the toxic acidity, most people find relief from their symptoms in only a few days to a week. It is stressed that just because the symptoms have subsided, this does not mean that the person is free from acid toxins at this early stage.

If you would like to know more or learn how to do a simple test to see if you are among those who are too acid – contact Health With a Mission here.

We need to ask, ‘Where does this acid come from?’

This is some of the information found on the site –

Some of the ways that acid toxins are accumulated in the body is from the air we breathe; air contains pollutants like pesticides and herbicides, exhaust fumes, to name just a few. In our homes we breathe the toxic build up of outgassed fumes from furniture, carpets, vinyl, paint, new curtains etc.

Toxins are also absorbed through our skin, on a daily basis we are in contact with toxic substances, like household cleaners, glues etc. Chlorinated water is acid, chlorine is absorbed by the skin in bath and shower water. Another example is cosmetics, a significant contributor to our daily chemical exposure. “Of the 5,000-plus chemicals that cosmetic companies like to use in their scents, 84% have never been tested for human toxicity” (Source article – Perfume, the Stinking Truth).

From the foods we eat, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, solvents and other chemicals in over processed food all cause acid toxins. Cola drinks are pH 2.5, being extremely acid, along with that the adrenalin high from the Cola contributes yet more acid. This leaves the body to pull calcium from the bones or other organs to neutralise all of this acid. It has been noted that the surge in osteoporosis coincides with the popularity of Cola drinks. A very large portion of toxins in our body comes from choosing the wrong foods that after digestion, leaves our body with a huge acid toxic problem.

It is estimated that a child on a ‘normal’ diet consumes around 200 chemicals in the form of food additives a day. Each chemical is said to be within allowable and safe limits, but what happens when you add 200 ‘safe limits’ together. As well as the damage that these chemicals do to these little ones it is also setting them up for acid toxicity.

The body is not designed to digest these chemicals and other artificial additives. The body will attempt to neutralise their poisonous effects, then it will try to eliminate them from the body. But if the elimination paths are already over burdened, these toxins will get stored in fat cells or other tissues where they can do the least damage. There is a limit to how many toxins can be stored in the body. There is then degeneration in health from a person feeling tired and rundown to more serious diseases.

That is very interesting, it is easy to see that this is going to cause health problems.

Looking at the simple way to test yourself and the healing program as a whole, it makes one want to start it right away so as to stop this degeneration before it goes further into more sinister diseases.